Walton 7

The Walton 7 were left on our door step (not sure if the night before or just before morning) but they were scared and cold. We have had them in two foster homes (keeping all 7 together) where they were bottle fed (not an easy feat) around the clock, you have to help them eliminate waste and clean their faces. We aren’t mother cats but we try to save lives. They are almost 3 pounds now and getting busier by the day. There is one change to the Walton clan (we have 5 boys and 2 girls) so one of the boys is Erin Walton. They are all short hair, super friendly and 3 black plus 4 gray. We are limiting visitation as they do not have an immune system until 6 months of age. Call our coordinator to find out how to find out more about them. They are beautiful little souls. As of 11/17/2020 only 2 boys are left to adopt from their foster home, Aaron and Jim bob, one all black male and one all gray, all have significant stripes on them as well. All very loving, cuddle bugs that will only go to INDOOR homes only. The last 2 boys gray and black went home today with Alecia and her 2 boys. Awesome adoption.

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