This guy is one cool kitten. He has bonded with Anny, they would like a home together if possible, we all need a friend. Cats are no different, some like friends and others don’t, each one is an individual. We have volunteers in house 7 days a week at the Cat House if you would like to visit, we are in house 8-10 and again 3-5, sometimes leaving early if our chores are done. Please call our coordinator if these times don’t work for you, she will schedule a time that works for you to visit. We ask that you wear a mask, wash hands when arriving. We want everyone to stay safe. 541-260-5303 He is a fluffy gray kitten with a grumpy cat face, adorable. G playing games, don’t like who we sent over to adopt so moved to a foster home, they adopted both, whatever G, not playing games with hoarder.

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