Toyota 2

Toyota is here with a friend called Tonka, they play quite well with each other. Tonka is the bossier of the two, not good with small children. These two wouldn’t mind a home together. Please opt to adopt locally, saving lives in our community. We do a lot of the tedious work before any are available to adopt, most are out in foster as The Cat House isn’t save from adult cat disease. Kittens do not have an immune system to help fight off most disease until 6 months old or older. Vaccinations can help but not always 100 percent sure on this one.

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    • jesse Post author

      No most have been listed under adopted but keep looking as we get them in daily. Kittens do not usually come into the Cat House, they go into foster care where it is safe from harm. kittens do not have an immune system until 6 months or older. We currently have 57 cats in our care. Two are under a year, still cute and cuddly. Thanks for looking