Toby with extra toes 2

Toby has been adopted! He has siblings out there but being trapped or caught as we catch up on our web sites. He is adorable and that extra toe makes him even cuter. He eats, drinks and uses a litter box, just needs fed around the clock about every 4 hours to keep his sugar level up. Call his foster mom and she will talk to you about him, 619-993-0243 her name is Susie, keep trying she helps at the Cat House. text-call and leave a msg, she will get back to you.

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2 thoughts on “Toby with extra toes

  • Samantha Robinson

    I would be very interested in Toby. I’m not sure when is and isn’t a good time to call and with it being so close to 5 I figured I’d inquire this way. I feel Toby would best fit my family and life as I am a diabetic and have to keep my blood sugars up. I noticed it says he needs to eat every 4 hours to keep his sugars up and already feel a connection. Please feel free to call or email me at anytime. 541-217-9730

    • jesse Post author

      It’s been a busy couple of days but I’m here now on our website. Thanks for inquiring about Toby. I will give your phone number to his foster mom, she can contact you and give you any information about him that she can. We like to wait until our kittens are at least 4 months old before getting them fixed ( spay/neuter) We are not big on vaccinations if the cat/kitten is indoor only. We would prefer they be indoor only as so many go missing daily in our community. Susie the foster mom can call and chat with you. Have a great day and I hope the adoption works out. Thanks for looking. Wendy President of Kohl’s cattery in Englewood