Tilting Timmy

He has been with us here at the Cat House since 2010. He came in as a tiny kitten plucked from the “Feral Barrel” @ our local shelter. He wouldn’t be alive today if our volunteers would have left him there. Timmy is not a lap cat and probably won’t ever be one but life has proved us wrong before. He has a head tilt now, dehydrated with URI complications, he had a seizure and his head tilted to one side. This doesn’t slow him down, he doesn’t know he is different. Give him a chance, if you want someone to share your life with but don’t want a clingy cat, Timmy is your boy. Please call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE. If you call or leave a msg and no one gets back to you, please call again until she answers. Thanks

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