Sushi is quite shy when you first meet her but she warms up quickly to those she likes to spend time with. She spends her day looking for a spot in the sun to relax in her new swim suit. Sushi loves to play volleyball and ride her quad. A […]


Stonewall is not a lap cat but with patience and time, perhaps he could become one. Do you have the time to tame this handsome guy? Stonewall was brought to us after his owner couldn’t find work here on the coast.  Stonewall is unsure of the cat house and just […]


Silvia is a shy cat and keeps a close eye on your every move. She would probably do best in a quiet home w/o much going on, she scares easily.  She has the prettiest eyes and is a great cat just not that friendly.  She came in with five kittens […]


Sherlock is not a lap cat, he could possibly become one with the right person. All he needs is patience, time and shown lots of trust. Sherlock is undercover, well not really but he thinks he is.  He loves to spy on you from the top shelf.  He is a […]


Shannon is not a lap cat and I don’t think she ever wants to be one. They all deserve a chance but this one may be best as a barn cat or one you want near you in the house but not on your lap. Shannon is rarely seen, she […]


Schyler is not a lap cat, she gets close but then runs away. Sometimes it just takes patience, learning to trust humans again, time and lots of love. Schyler (pronounced Skylar) is a beauty but a bit hissy but who isn’t when rejected.  Schyler will need a patient home with […]


Sayo is a light tabby like his mom.  He was living on the streets trying to survive.  It is rough out there for cats/kittens.  He will need a patient home, one that will dote all their attention on him. He prefers a home w/o small children, no dogs and super […]


Sanya is not a lap cat, perhaps with the right person she could become a lap cat. Until that person comes along, she is safe here at the Cat House but she dreams of having her own place one day. Sanya is overwhelmed here @ the Cat House but she […]

Sailor Jack

Sailor Jack was promised upon arrival several months ago, he would be reunited  with his family.  Sorry to say he was not,  so he  is available now.  He doesn’t care for other cats, dogs or children.  He doesn’t mind adults who are feline friendly. Sailor loves to explore, keeps to […]


Sacha is not a lap cat, she has no intentions of ever being a lap cat unless the right patient person came along to adopt her and give her a chance. Sacha is a bright lovely tabby/white cat, it will take someone with a whole lot of patience to win […]