Star 2

Star isn’t so sure about life at the Cat House but she is trying to adjust. With so many felines, living inside a cage is terrifying. This girl will need patience to see if she will calm down and adjust. Star is just scared stiff right now and doesn’t want to be bothered. Please opt to spay/neuter your pets before they breed, it’s the right thing to do for them. we also believe if you adopt a pet, it is for the life of the pet. Think before adopting, life changes could put your pet at risk of losing its home.

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2 thoughts on “Star

  • Laurel Biernacki

    Where are you located? I can’t seem to find an address. We are looking for a young kitten, orange/red in color, medium or short hair, male OR female to adopt us as his/her family. We have 2 small dogs. One is 8 years old and around 12 pounds. She is a pug and chihuahua mix who found us at a party. She had no family and had a casted broken back leg. She was there by accident but she found us and invited us to take her home with us. Our other little girl is an Italian Greyhound, 19 years old, spayed and the sweetest girl. She is such a love. She has been with us since she was 3 months old. She weighs 14 pounds. She has experience with kittens/cats having help nurture our last kitten, Rose, to health with her love, care and kisses. Rose was a rescue who was at the animal shelter, very ill and not expected to live despite their care and treatment. She was slated for a trip to the rainbow but we had seen her several times and she just clicked with us. We were allowed to adopt her. Our Izzy loved her back to health along with some care from our vet.