Sparky 2

He isn’t ready to go home today but give him a few weeks. He has a mind of his own and does what he wants. He is a cuddle bug but when he is done cuddling, he wants freedom. His foster mom will care for him the next couple weeks as he is only 15oz. He should be closer to 2 lbs before adopting him. He will gain weight fast as he loves his food. At this time he uses the litter box but he isn’t drinking water or eating dry food, only eats wet kitten food every 3 hours. His foster mom will take potential adopters numbers. 541-294-5533

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2 thoughts on “Sparky

    • jesse Post author

      Sparky is a male, black and white. He is currently in foster care until he grows up a little. He is under a pound, too young to go anywhere. I believe his foster mom phone number is online with his write up. Please contact her about him. Thanks for looking