Sayo is a curious boy. If you look up in most the rooms, he is there if you don’t shut the door. Sayo was born here at the Cat House. His mom was shoved in our outdoor catio w/o our knowledge. We heard kittens crying from one of the little houses mounted on the wall. A light tiger had four newborn kittens inside. That was 2013. All of Sayo’s siblings are still here along with his mother. They are not lap cats but who says they can’t be. With a whole lot of patience and love, they can turn around. We as volunteers just meet their minimum requirements, food, water, litter and shelter. They see a vet if there is a need otherwise they just live here. If you would like a challenge, please opt to adopt one of these precious lives, lets clear out the Cat House. Everyone here deserves a home. Please call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE. With a high volume of calls per day, if you leave a msg please call back, your msg might get lost. A very busy gal. Thanks

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