Sacha is not a lap cat, she has no intentions of ever being a lap cat unless the right patient person came along to adopt her and give her a chance. Sacha is a bright lovely tabby/white cat, it will take someone with a whole lot of patience to win her over.   She is starting to play and have a little fun, that’s all girls want anyway, right?  Sacha like so many were not socialized and need extra attention.  They can turn around and become the cat you want them to be with a whole lot of patience.  Give this girl a chance, that’s all she asks for and a few treats “calling her by name” doesn’t hurt either. Our coordinator is waiting patiently for your call, she can answer questions and give excellent information about our in house cats.  She also takes care of our foster homes (mostly kittens) 541-260-5303 she does work so leave a msg if no one answers, she will respond asap.

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