Monty 2

Monty is a extraordinary guy perhaps because he is so mellow and orange. He doesn’t mind anything, it seems nothing bothers him. A true friend who will keep all your secrets tucked away in his bright mind. He loves to cuddle, snuggle and give head butts but not too hard. There are few cats like him, most have attitudes. Please stop by and visit him, he will warm your heart, soul and lap.

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2 thoughts on “Monty


    How old is Monty? I have a 7 year old cat, indoor since I adopted him, but sometimes I feel he would like feline company. He does have an attitude, and I AM HIS person, so I am on the fence about it.

    • jesse Post author

      I’m not sure if Monty is still there. I do the 3 websites plus FB, Twitter, Transports to and from Portland weekly. Your best bet to find a cat is go to the Cat House in Englewood and look for one. Please call Gloria the founder of the Cat House before going as she is a volunteer too, no one to man the Cat House. 541-294-3876 Thank you for looking. I will try and update but no promises.