Matisse 2

A young boy of 8 months at 10 pounds, this Maine Coon won’t last. He is in foster care right now as we have URI going through the CH. This guy is super mellow, tufts in his ears, big feet and oh so soft. He could spend hours on your lap just sleeping, watch a movie or game and relax as he isn’t going anywhere.

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2 thoughts on “Matisse

  • Linda Gilliland

    Hi! Linda @ Dr. Reagan’s. We are searching for a Maine Coon. Do you still have Matisse? I am at the office today. 541 267-7757. Please call!

    • jesse Post author

      No maine coons at this time. I’m sorry for the delay in answering but I’m just one volunteer who does too much but I do help those in need. I hope you find what you are looking for. Have you tried the Humane Society in Florence, they have a beautiful facility. There is one is Roseburg too, Saving Grace