He is an older guy who needs some one on one. He isn’t into other cats or animals as he prefers to have you all to himself. He should be your only pet unless you have a pet rock. Leon had a male owner but his owner died. He would probably do best with a guy. He loves wet (canned) food, you should buy stock in wet cat food. Leon will talk your ear off if you have time to listen. This guy needs a home asap, he isn’t so happy here at the Cat House. He hates baths every day because he needs a special diet, hard to do with 81 cats in house unless you lock him up in a kennel and that would upset him even more. This older guy will need fed every 4 hours around the clock, their blood sugar drops and they go down quickly. Call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE, if no answer please keep calling until you get her on the phone. If you leave a msg, no one calls back, call her again. Thanks

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