Kittens in a box 7

4 adorable kittens left in a box, there were 5 but someone who found them wanted one. Please get the adult cats fixed so no one is left in a box on the street. It’s sad when they remove the kittens, the mother cat breeds again and they are right back where they started in about 63 days when she delivers more kittens.

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7 thoughts on “Kittens in a box

    • jesse Post author

      No we don’t have any kittens in house and we usually don’t keep them there as it is dangerous. I post them on our web sites PetFinder, Adoptapet, and Kohls Cat House. I’m trying to stay ahead but I seem to get lost with all I do in this organization. Please continue to watch us.

    • jesse Post author

      No we do not have any kittens right now with extra toes. They are coming as soon as the weather warms up, that’s when they go into the heat cycle and breed. Without our low cost spay/neuter clinic open there will be plenty out there in about 63 days. Thanks for looking.