Juno came to us as a 4 week old kitten. He came in with his brother Judan w/o a mom cat. There was a mom cat with one kitten in foster care. The foster mom put the 2 kittens with that mom cat, she raised them as her own. The two boys were never friendly, hissy spitty from the get go. With so little time spent with them, they didn’t make a good connection with human’s. Juno isn’t afraid but he is not a lap cat. In the right home with a lot of love and patience he could become a marvelous cat. Won’t you help us clear out our facility of all this wonderful cats who no one seems to notice on a regular day. Now it is different with us stuck at home to be safe from this virus. Please call and visit us soon, Juno will be waiting. 541-260-5303 our coordinator will be with you asap, she works, so leave a msg if she doesn’t answer. Thank you,

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