John’s Cats

He sold his house then moved to Florida, he took only 3 of the 7 kittens he rescued from Huckleberry hill. They are super friendly and really love him. He calls weekly to check on them. He would love to fly them out but he hasn’t done so as military animals have priority for now. John will get his 4 cats back soon we hope, in the mean time lets shower them with love. Come visit John’s cats and enjoy their affection for human’s. John hand raised these from tiny babies, bottle feeding them. They are the sweetest cats ever. On Sept 29,2020 John with his four cats and our volunteer flew to Florida to be home with their day (John) and their other 3 siblings. Our volunteer Rick flew with him, each taking 2 cats on the plane, all seats paid for. Rick flew back to Oregon 9/30/2020. He is back rescuing with us again.

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