Jimmy Carter

He is so relaxed you would think he has been here his whole life. This guy is so handsome too. He is short hair, light tiger with swirls. He has the biggest green eyes but in his photo shoot he squints. You must see this guy in person to really take in his adorable personality and looks. Jimmy Carter is one of a kind cat. He makes us smile daily. Opt to adopt from Kohl’s, we know cats and we care about their well being. We ask that they be indoor only and if let outside for a short while, they be accompanied by you. We are here from 8-10 a.m. and back again 3-5 p.m. 7 days a week. If this time works for you, come see one of our many dedicated volunteers to help you decide which cat is a fit for you or just come inside (mask on) and let the cat pick you. We are all energies and they feed off your energy, so calm down, sit down and enjoy who comes to your lap. If you need another time slot, please call our coordinator 541-260-5303 and she will assist you. Our web site is kohlscats.info He came in to the CH October 27,2020 and was adopted November 2, 2020

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