OMG she is a love and a half. This girl has a tipped ear which mean someone cared enough to get her spayed. She is an older girl but she is a bright light waiting for a place to call home. Ingrid loves attention, her hair brushed and her nails manicured. She is not keen on the kennel but for her safety we keep them in one until they adjust to the 70 plus cats in our care. Most the cats have their favorite spot in the house. She is near a window with a view and fresh air. Please opt to adopt locally from our group of rescued felines. Call for an appointment today, leave a msg if no one answers-leave your name and number. If you text you can also text this number 541-260-0156. She saw our veterinarian on 6/209/20 and he gave her a steroid shot, she has some congestion in her lungs. We will see in the next few days how she is.

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