Honey Samantha

This Siamese who is beautiful isn’t a lap cat. She is our spayed “Honey Samantha” or Honey Sam. She lives in the loft at the Cat House with her friends. They often make their way downstairs to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in the Catio. Sam doesn’t care for human’s after the way she was treated as a kitten, no love given to her, no human touch. She scrambled daily to find shelter, food and water. Kohl’s was called in to trap and “get rid of” the felines that a grown in number because no one was fixed. We see this often in a rural community, people need to educate themselves. Spay/Neuter saves countless lives by fixing the one or two cats you have, preventing litters being born into the same life as the adult. Kittens start breeding at 4 months old, they have their litter 63 day later. It’s not a life. This girl isn’t a lap cat but with patience, love and time she could be your new best friend. They need to learn to trust human kind again. It’s hard to do in a house of cats (81) so no interaction with most. Call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE, if no answer please keep trying until you get her on the phone. Thanks

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