Heather’s fosters

She’s one of our “crazy cat lady” fosters. Heather has been caring for a mom and her 4 kittens. They are ready to go provided you as the adopter follow through with our spay/neuter date. They are just at 2 lbs and we like them to be 2.5 lbs for surgery @ Snipped Clinic on Wasson in Coos Bay, Oregon. Call our coordinator and find out more about the ones (mostly kittens) in foster homes as they don’t have an immune system until 6 months or older. They are all super friendly as they stay in their homes with the mom cats. We get the moms fixed first as soon as the kittens can be left w/o her for a length of time. Coordinator 541-260-5303, she works so leave a msg if she doesn’t answer, she will respond asap. Thanks for looking, share with your friends – kohlscats.info

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