Harvey the Siamese was just living on the street, very little food, no shelter and breeding. He was live trapped, taken to our low cost high quality Spay/neuter Clinic “SNIPPED” where he had everything done except a microchip. He has long forgotten how he ended up at the Cat House but he stays up in the loft with his new buddies. He is often spotted out in the Catio for some sunshine and fresh air. He is not a lap cat but most can be tamed down enough to pet. It takes patience, a whole lot of love for felines and time. Please call for an appointment today if you feel you are up for a challenge. Our cats are indoor only especially special cats like him. If he ever got outdoors, you probably would never see him again. Please call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE, if no answer please try again until you reach her. Her phone rings over 30 times a day, your msg may get lost. If she doesn’t return your call, please call again. Thanks

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