This poor guy was dumped out where there were no houses, water supply or a human in sight except cars that drove the lonely highway. He was going down fast in the heat wave we were having, 97 degrees one day. It was lucky for him a gal was driving her dog to go walk it on the beach when she spotted him coming towards her vehicle as if he were saying “I’m here, help me please.” He had a prolapsed rectum which needed immediate attention. He saw our veterinarian and was helped, his rectum cleaned and put back in with one stitch, he was hydrated and given rescue food to help him build back up his body mass. He is a wonderful guy and happy to be alive. The gal that found him works at Dominoes, thus the name. Please give our coordinator a call today, 541-260-5303, if no answer please leave a msg as she does work. She will get back to you asap.

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