Happy Day Boys

We have Chachi, Fonzie, Richie and Ralph who are in search of a feline loving indoor only home. They love to play, climb, jump, spin, pull, slide and cuddle. Chachi and Fonzie are brown tabbies and Richie and Ralph are red head tigers, one with four white paws. Adorable and adoptable. The boys are having a blast in their play room. All litter box trained and eating on their own. Open your heart and house to one or two this time of year. Let’s help clear out our foster homes who work hard each day keeping them safe and loved. They love the kitten tent, they use it as a slide or king of the mountain. Call our coordinator today 541-260-5303 be patient as she works along with being our number 1 volunteer. Leave her a message and she will get back to you asap.

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