Franco is not a lap cat but with love, affection, quiet, patience and trust he could become a lap cat. Franco was left behind when his 90 some year old owner died, leaving 14 un-altered cats. Kohl’s Cat House to the rescue, all 14 taken to our veterinary to be spay/neutered, vaccinated, tested for Felv/FIV, flea and worm treated as well. All survived but our last catch who was Foxworthy, he did not make it to our veterinary in time, so thin from being left so long without care. But 12 of the 13 survivors found homes but Franco. Please come and see him today, he is blending in with all the other cats, running with the “rat pack” he is a little on the wild side. A few treats, call him by name, we can reel this guy in.

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