Foster A Feline

Are you home a lot and know how to care for a kitten or cat?  They just need a safe place to be until they are old enough for adoption or long enough to get well.  We need foster homes that have the heart and soul to care for felines with needs.  You will need an extra bedroom with warmth, fresh air, attention given several times per day. If you have what it takes to be a foster home, give us a call.  We need dedicated people who have some knowledge of feline health, what to watch for and a feline log to document their daily progress.  Please call, kitten season is always in full swing and we need more foster homes.  Everything for their care is paid for by Kohl’s, veterinary care included.  541-260-0156 or 541-260-5303 text, call or leave a msg, someone will get back to you.