Elliot n Jade

They have been adopted! These two didn’t have a very good start in life, both born and living in a car. They had a sibling who didn’t get to grow up, it died. If you don’t want more, get them in to a veterinary to get fixed (spay/neutered) It truly does save lives and that can be done at our Snipped Clinic at 8 weeks, 2 pounds just by calling 541-808-2377 Mon-Wednesday. Elliot and Jade came into our care with a bad case of Upper Respiratory Infection, which if not treated can be deadly. They were starved, very thin and the odd thing was they had no fleas. We did give them their baby dose of Stongid t wormer. They survived thanks to our hands on volunteer (who has saved many lives) who treated them for the URI and gave them around the clock care, that means 24-7 they got what they needed in order to put on weight, warmth, love and attention. They would like to go to an indoor only home together. This brother and sister lean on each other for support. There mom is in house and has been spayed, she is also ready for adoption.

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