Rest In Peace


RIP old man, we tried to help you but sometimes life has different plans for us. An older cat who just needs a warm place to live with a gentle lap that loves felines. He doesn’t ask for much, a few small meals a day (wet food) and a nice […]


Oh Sonny boy, he is magical little guy. He isn’t bothered by anything. He is so relaxed and loves to play, interact with you while you entertain him and he enjoys entertaining you. A ping pong ball and he is off and playing until he loses it. This boy is […]

Zo Zo Kitty

She was called Kitty but we call her Zo Zo Kitty. She is shy as it isn’t fun arriving at such a busy place, cats every where. There is literally no where to hide unless you are in a cage and have a private place to go such as a […]


She came in with Shadow, both are scared but most warm up after a few days of adjusting to so many felines under one roof. She went to Snipped for a dental, she never woke up. 2/2021 She


She will stop you in your tracks with her big beautiful eyes. She is a senior cat with cattitude, she can get along with other cats but prefers to be the boss. Evelyn can boss like no one else, she gets grumpy but moves on quickly with her cattitude. She […]

Billy the kid

Bill the guy saw this cat roaming in his neighborhood, he went to the shelter and picked up a live trap. He caught “Billy the kid” Friday morning 1/8/2021 and brought him to the Cat House. A volunteer (me) was headed to the vet in Bandon, so I took Billy […]


An older gentleman rescued near Marshfield High School area. His ear is crimped on the left side of his head. Are you missing your older cat? You might want to check in person at anyone in town who does rescue. This guy is friendly but unsure of where he is […]

Clint Black

He will probably not sing you to sleep but he will try. Clint Black is a boy down on his luck. He isn’t a lap cat but he enjoys his time in the window where the sun shines through. He loves cat treats as you hand them to him and […]


Lizzy loved her daddy Joe but he passed away at the end of March leaving Lizzy back in our care. She is such a love but upset to be back here at the Cat House. Lizzy would love to be in a home again. She is easy to get along […]


Shannon is an all black DMH who just needs someone to love. She wants her very own human being. She came in 2008 and has lived with all the other cats for way too long. Let’s help clear out the Cat House, make room for new ones that need care. […]

Nick @ Night

Nick is a super sweet guy who just wants to be loved by you. He curls up in your lap and will stay there until he falls asleep. This guy will need insulin shots twice a day, easy to give every 12 hours. He is on a high protein diet […]


She used to be the waitress on Cheers but now she is retired. She has many stories to fill the hours she will spend with you. Rhea was living on the street and needed help getting off the street, that’s when Kohl’s volunteers stepped in to help. She is now […]


A beautiful girl who just wants a place to call home and be loved by her owner. She likes to snuggle up with you while you text, write, read or just watch the day go by. She is relaxed and ready to show off her cat skills, eat, sleep and […]


This little guy was up a tree when rescued, afraid he would run out into Ocean Blvd and get hit by a car. He is about 3 months old, healthy and happy now that he is indoors where it is safe. Kittens are usually used to other kittens as they […]


This guy went to our vet about a month ago, things just weren’t right with him. He had blood work done, didn’t indicate anything wrong. We brought him back to the cat house, he was doing okay after a round of antibiotics but now he is sliding back down hill. […]

Nelson Mandella

He was found on the road by a college student, she took him to a couple veterinary offices locally but they told her to call Kohl’s Cat House. He stayed the night then the very next day he went to one of our beloved vets in Reedsport. He is a […]

Poppy Seed

Poppy seed was trapped in Powers along with 5 others, she is scared but okay to touch. She went to the Snipped Clinic where she was spayed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. She is shy but warms up when you pet her. It can be overwhelming for them here with […]

Silver Streak

Silver Streak was dropped off at the Cat House when no one was looking. We do not have an intake form on this guy and no one seems to know where he came from. He was hiding in the loft, scared and afraid to eat. He is super thin but […]

Bo Bo Guy

Bo Bo Guy isn’t super friendly to us but he seems to have been left or dumped at a camp ground near Lakeside. He might just be scared, it is scary to find yourself without a home. Some campers said they could scratch his head, so he isn’t all that […]


Leslie was posted on FB as she was stuck in the mud near the Hollering Place, two women happened to see the post and rescued her. She is quite thin, matted and an awful small collar was taken off of her. Her voice is hoarse as we are sure the […]


Cici is a sweet talker. The cat house is comfortable now and Cici moves around freely. If you are looking to adopt, adopt locally. We have so many that are in need of a home. This is a wonderful place to find a cat.


Benny doesn’t know how she ended up on the street but she did, perhaps her owner went to the hospital then to a nursing home, perhaps they moved and left her behind or just dumped on the street because she was old. We don’t know, she was found in April […]

Minnie Pearl

This beauty was brought in the other day and she is so thin. She has seen our vet, was already spayed but she has a urinary tract infection. She is getting the care she needs at this time, we hope she bounces back. Once she gains the weight she needs, […]

Ms. Piggy

Ms. Piggy was suppose to be PTS (put to sleep) but the vet just couldn’t do that to a healthy cat because the owner wanted to go on vacation. She is a pretty laid back girl, loves her treats and lots of attention. If you want a lap cat that […]

Gloree Bee

Gloree Bee is in ICU at the moment, she needs around the clock care in order to survive. She was found unresponsive on the cold, wet street. She is now warm, eating a little and starting to play some. She is only one pound and will need to gain weight […]


Tank was our oldest resident @ 20, bless you for sharing your life with us.  We will miss you Tank.


Mitsy is drop dead gorgeous.  She is in love with the sunshine and follows it from room to room.  This beauty will need extra care to keep her coat tangle free.  Mitsy just needs some one on one and lots of patience.  Come visit the Cat House and see what […]


Rambler was pushed in our door and no one looked back.  We don’t know much about him only that he loves people.  He doesn’t mind the other cats either.  Rambler doesn’t miss a meal even though most his teeth were removed after he arrived.  He is doing fine now, no […]


Sandee is a wonderful senior.  He loves the trickle of water from the faucet so he can drink.  This guy is a kind, friendly feline with lots of head butts to give.  Sandee prefers a retired home, where he can soak up all that attention.  He can’t get enough attention, […]


Tyler likes being a feral, he doesn’t want to be tamed down.  A sighting of this handsome guy is rare but come see if you can spot him.  Tyler stays out of sight but sometimes when things are quiet, you can feel his eyes on you.  A patient person might […]


Oscar is a wilde sort of guy, he looks like a 5 month old kitten but he is actually 5 years old.  We love Oscar Wilde and he loves the laser light.  He will wait for you and the light, he loves to follow it every where.  A quiet home, […]

Love Bug

Love Bug is looking for his love shack.  He just wants to be loved by you and only you.  Love bug would like nothing more than to curl up next to you no matter where you happen to be, the couch, the bed, the floor or in a chair.  He […]

Icabod “Lucky” Logger

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) : : Male (neutered) : : Adult : : Large Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info) Species: Cat General Color: Black and White Color: Bicolor Current Size: 9 Pounds Current Age: 5 Years 9 Months (best estimate) Declawed: No Housetrained: Yes Is Not Good with […]


Fargo is one cool cat, a light orange tabby who has plenty of irresistible charm with extra toes.  He loves board games, card games and any kind of sports.  Fargo likes to stay entertained, life should be lived.  This guy is shy but with patience you could have him eating […]