ADOPTED (Have a home)


She thinks she is a big cat. She makes us laugh out loud. We are getting attached but we do not need more felines in our home but we will foster as long as there is a need. Please contact her foster mom for more information. She works so be […]

Little Ms. Sunshine

She is still a work in progress but she needs a home. An indoor only home as she can’t see so well. She will be spayed at 5 months so we can address her eyes then. This little girl is a fighter and very bossy. She will need someone to […]

1 Little Kitten in Foster

There were 6 now only one black female remains in her foster home. She is called Toothless, named by the young children in the house from a cartoon. They were on the street in Hauser so we ask they be indoor only pets, its just safer that way. The one […]

Pasta ragu

He is a handsome guy and found down by the railroad cars. You must visit him to know her personality, as each person brings out a different side of a cat. Let him get to know you, he may be the one for you. All our felines are indoor only, […]


She’s a beautiful tortishell with lots of purrs to give out. She is a sibling to Timber. They were rescued from a hoarding situation that still continues as we don’t have enough foster homes to take them all in. If you would like to foster, please call Wendy 541-260-0156, she […]


He is smaller and younger than Big boy but from the same rescue of over 60 felines. We are w/o foster homes so we can’t help get them off the street. Our 3 foster homes are full at the moment, if you would like to bring some felines in off […]

Big boy

He is loving life indoors at his foster home. There are at least 60 more felines we need help rescuing from his birth home. This guy is litter box trained, eats food on his own and loves fresh water daily. He is a orange kitten with lots of energy to […]

Dawn’s two kittens

She had five but down to two these days, both DSH black, believe one a boy and one a girl. They are super socialized as they spend their time with Dawn and her beautiful family. They are spay/neutered, flea and worm treated and ready to go into a loving indoor […]

Jack n Jill

These two have stuck it out no matter what life throws at them. They get along great and would love an indoor only home together. It’s not that much to ask, if you are gone a lot they will have each other. They are brother/sister and are very social. These […]

Ms. Marple

She’s a grand looking cat even with one eye. She doesn’t know she is different. This girl is a love. She will be your new best friend, indoor only friend. Come visit her today, she will be glad to pack her bags and go with you. If you want more […]


She was injured some months ago and was never taken to a vet. She saw our vet once someone got her off the street. Her injury is old and has tried to mend itself. Our vet suggested pain meds and quiet time for a few days. She is a love […]


It reminds me of a song, going to Jackson. He is a wonderful young neutered male cat. He loves attention and will even climb up into your lap for some attention. Jackson is a great guy with a big personality. This guy is not shy and will follow you everywhere. […]


Mr. Snuffleupagus is his name but we call him Snuffy for short and easier to spell. He is a handsome, sweet loving boy cat who is neutered. He isn’t so happy with so many in house but he adjust more each day, no escape but to be adopted. Most in […]


He was an outdoor cat who was beat up by a bunch of rough neck intact males. He is a younger guy who just needs that one on one with a special person. Dooley wants attention and a home to share with you. This guy has a wonderful calm personality. […]

Sweetie & Pie

These two are like Thelma and Louise, a bonded pair of sisters Sweetie & Pie. They were found and a concerned lady took them into a veterinary to have them spayed, vaccines, flea and worm treated. These two would like to go home together, they really get along. It is […]

Toby with extra toes 2

Toby has been adopted! He has siblings out there but being trapped or caught as we catch up on our web sites. He is adorable and that extra toe makes him even cuter. He eats, drinks and uses a litter box, just needs fed around the clock about every 4 […]


ADOPTED! Flossy has been adopted! She was literally entangled in floss and it wasn’t just over night, her skin had grown over it. She is in foster care right now, eats wet food just fine. She has an adoptive person, who should be picking her up any day now. She […]

Dawn’s delightful 3

All 3 have been adopted! They came out of a burn pile that was set on fire, when they heard crying from the pile, they rescued the 3 tiny kittens, eyes just starting to open. They have been in Dawn’s care for 3 weeks today, a lot of ups and […]

Charles of Charleston

He was neutered then returned where he lived at the boat basin in Charleston! Another feral or semi feral from the boat basin of Charleston. We have a mom cat out there 5-7 years now, port won’t let us in to trap so have to get tricky. All we want […]

Bob or Bill or Ted

He was neutered and returned where he lived at the Charleston boat basin. He doesn’t really know his name so you can call him whatever you would like too. He was born at the boat basin, his mom still lives there, no one has been able to trap her. She […]

Cally or Callie

Cally or Callie is really bonded with Gravy Train, these two are always playing or resting together. They would love a home together. What else would you call a Calico other than Cally/Callie? People aren’t creative anymore but she was living in a car with a dog and other cats. […]

Gravy train

Gravy Train and Cally or Callie are a bonded pair, they get along so well. It is amazing to watch them play or even nap next to each other. Not sure who names these poor things but deserve a better name. Off my soap box now, she was living in […]

Elliot n Jade

They have been adopted! These two didn’t have a very good start in life, both born and living in a car. They had a sibling who didn’t get to grow up, it died. If you don’t want more, get them in to a veterinary to get fixed (spay/neutered) It truly […]

Meredith Grey

ADOPTED! She is a beautiful tiger girl. She is about 4 weeks old now. The 3 siblings are being hand raised since they were taken from their mother at only days old. In a few weeks, she will be off the bottle she loves and move on to a bowl […]

Mag Pie

ADOPTED! She is only 4 weeks old but being hand raised is no easy feat. She will need a few more weeks to adjust from a bottle to a bowl. She has the litter box down pretty good. She is in the best hands ever, a foster mom who rarely […]


ADOPTED! He is amazingly handsome and super friendly. This guy can do no wrong. He has charm, personality and a whole lot of love to give, perhaps head butts as well. We are in house 8-10 every morning, 7 days a week as well as 3 p.m. So if your […]

Oreo Oh

ADOPTED! She is a gentle wonderful cat. Her owner kept tripping over her, so she was brought to the Cat House. She is a little scared in a cage. Cats don’t know why they are being given up on. They don’t have a clue but find themselves in an unfamiliar […]

Hot Lips

ADOPTED! She may belong to someone as people moved to Coos Bay from North Bend and she showed up. Is she your cat or someone you know, they live on Radar Road. She is a beauty and friendly enough. We don’t know much about her. She is young with bright […]

Jay Jay

ADOPTED! An older tiger guy brought in from Bandon. He looks to have been on his own for a while. You will have to contact our coordinator to get more information. The people that brought him in sign a surrender form, so we have info about them but not the […]


Bella is beautiful but afraid of so many felines in house, who wouldn’t be. It’s a territorial issue, not many felines like other felines, they like their space. Many find a spot in house and stay in that spot rarely moving around, perhaps to use the litter box or to […]


Curry is a friendly Tabby waiting for a new home. We don’t know a lot about most the cats coming in as people bring them to us, they should fill out a surrender form so we have a little bit about who brought them in. You can call our coordinator […]


A tiger cat (female) from Englewood and Libby area. She’s been wandering for about a month. Are you missing your tiger cat? She is safe at the cat house but would love her family (if she has one) to come see if she is yours and pick her up. We […]


Yes that is my name, Tatun. I’m just hiding right now, so many cats in house I don’t want to move. Please help me find my way back to a quieter place. It’s a temporary place to be, some tell me they have been in house for over 11 years, […]


A Siamese named Squeak, they tried to change my name to Cocoa but I love my name. I’m scared right now in a house full of so many felines. It’s not safe for you to be in a crowd and its not safe for us felines either. Please bring me […]


Swaggy is a handsome fellow. He is a kind guy with lots of love and head butts to give. This guy would love to be home with you, by the fire enjoying a good book and some warm tea. Think Kohl’s when looking for your next feline friend. It is […]

Rose Mary

She is happy no matter where she is at. This girl came in with others as her mom had to go into a home. They are adjusting slowly but Rose Mary seems to take to all the activity here at the Cat House. If you would like your next best […]


A friendly but scared male, mom went to a facility and can’t care for her cats any more. It takes time to adjust to all the cats in house, it can happen quickly or it can take months. We let them adjust at their own pace often keeping them safe […]

Gibson 2

My favorite name, Gibson. He is a super sweet fellow, adoptable today. The Cat House continues to take them in but we haven’t done one adoption this month, it’s March 17th. We appreciate the donations to help care for the felines but adoptions help us move them so we can […]


A flame point neutered male came in with Olivia. They are finding their way around the busy cat house at this time. Everyone usually has a favorite spot and stay in it, if one challenges them, they usually don’t budge. Sherman is a friendly guy who just needs an indoor […]


She came in with Sherman, both wonderful cats but living on the street is not kind in this cold weather. If you are looking for a feline that you lost, please look at our web site but don’t just call, come by and look. The same with our local shelter, […]

Fred and Barney

Two brothers who were abandoned when their family decided to move away leaving them behind. How sad for them, felines are family to us. These two are at Snipped today for neutering, they will recoup and be ready for adoption. Please call our coordinator to see what times work for […]


She is a rising star and would light up your world if only you would let her. Katie is a doll. If you would like to visit her, please stop by 8-10 or 3-5 daily, 7 days a week we have volunteers doing their thing at the Cat House. Some […]

Anny 4

She is a beautiful 6 month old kitten. She is tiger and white. This girl is ready to come home with you and begin life. You must come visit with her, as you can’t tell by reading or looking online. We are at the Cat House 7 days a week, […]


This guy is one cool kitten. He has bonded with Anny, they would like a home together if possible, we all need a friend. Cats are no different, some like friends and others don’t, each one is an individual. We have volunteers in house 7 days a week at the […]


He is a neutered male, not sure of his age but he doesn’t look too old. He is a lover not a fighter. Please adopt locally, save a life or two. Our felines need forever indoor only homes, one where they can relax and know they will never find themselves […]


He is a DLH (Domestic Long Hair) kitten with the cutest face ever. He will dazzle you under his spell. All our felines are indoor only unless you have a covered catio to protect them from predators. Our adoption fee is the price of their spay/neuter and you can always […]


He is one sweet boy who is more than ready to come home with you. This guy could brighten even the darkest winter day with his winning personality. You will be entertained and he will have a good life. Adopt from Kohl’s has been a tradition for many years now. […]

Wanda & Wilma

These two are a bit scared right now being w/o their mom and living on the street. With a little one on one, they will become friendlier. They will need a quiet home in order to adjust and a small room where they cannot hide. Wilma is being treated for […]

Angela’s kittens

She is new to our group but as always when someone calls with cats/kittens we try to keep them in their own home until they can be adopted. She has younger ones (4 months and under) and older (6 months) a variety of colors too. You can reach our coordinator […]

2 Walton Boys

These two are the most loving boys who were hand raised from 2 weeks old. They are boys so they can be a handful at times but who doesn’t love to watch kittens play. They need rehomed at this time, apparently the new owners are highly allergic but had hoped […]


He started out here at the Cat House 4 years ago. His family is moving in a year and need to downsize their life, so here comes Buddy, back to the Cat House. He is scared to death, he is hiding under his cat bed. He was here 2 days […]


He is one handsome boy who is so people friendly that he loves cuddling up with our volunteers. He is not quite a year old. All our felines are indoor only and we ask they remain that way just to keep them safe. We rescue most the cats in house […]


She is the sweetest girl in house. Her owners let her have kittens then gave them away at only 5 weeks old and dumped her at our facility. Pets should enter your life after thinking and considering all your options about being a pet owner. Pets are family to us, […]

Jelly belly bean

She is a Siamese indoor only kitten at 6 months old. She is super friendly and would love a place to call home. She is currently in one of our foster homes. Jelly is sweet just like grandma’s homemade freezer jam. You must give cats you take home time to […]

Baby Gray’s

These two are almost ready to go home. They will need a small room in order to adjust to life in a new home. They will also find their litter box and food easily if in a small room. Let them adjust then as a little time goes by, let […]

B & H kittens

Our foster folks are at it once again, fostering kittens in need of rescue. They have 2 females and 1 male, all three tiger stripe. The male is considerably light but still a tiger stripe. The girls have a lot of orange color to them. They have been flea and […]

May day 2

She is beautiful and she isn’t afraid to show it. Let this girl shine in your life, she will brighten any dark day. May is a love. She just wants attention and great company. I believe her owner passed away and she was left behind. So open your warm home […]


Beau needs out of here asap, he is not friendly with other cats. He came in after the owner died. Beau is super friendly to human but not feline. He is anxious in a cage, pacing, crying and he needs a home. If you have a great place to bring […]

Sunny girl

She’s 4 years old and loved but her owner is moving and cannot have more than one cat and one dog so she is forced to give up her beloved cats. She has a year to find them loving indoor only homes. She will keep them in her home until […]


Mason is a big guy looking for an indoor only home where he can become your best buddy. He is happy inside given plenty to occupy his time. This guy will grow on you and he will bring lots of joy to your life. Cats have a way of picking […]

Delta Dawn

I guess someone was listening to the radio when they named her “Delta Dawn” by Tanya Tucker. She was dumped at Spinreel campground and tried desperately to get inside a tent as the temperatures dip down into the 30’s. She wasn’t left alone, her kittens were dumped too. We have […]

Dandy Andy

This guy came in with his mom “Delta Dawn” who were dumped at a campground this time of year. They desperately tried to get into someone’s tent, its cold out there even for a cat. This guy will need an indoor home only, cats like to be warm just like […]

Baby Naranja

Baby Naranja’s siblings all found homes. He sits in the quiet of the room, crying. His foster mom sits with him many times during the day but it’s not the same. He wants a home of his own, one where he can be with you constantly. Our adoption fee is […]

Milky Way

He is a kitten who had siblings but they did not make it living by a busy road. That’s a good reason to have indoor only pets. He is happy and ready to go to his new home. This guy loves to play, eat and sleep. Like most kittens, introduce […]


He is about a year old. The family decided after 1 whole year of having kittens, the children were allergic and besides they were moving. You cannot solve everyone’s problems but you can try. Two kittens raised indoors were suddenly tossed outdoors with Winter coming on cold this year. They […]

Spinner girl

She’s just a tabby girl who likes to have fun. This little beauty wants to be in a home where she will get all the attention she needs. We are just a handful of volunteers, here twice daily to feed/scoop and clean. Please call our coordinator and adopt one or […]


A volunteer with our Snipped Clinic found these plus others abandoned when someone moved away. She takes time out of each day to feed/water and put straw out but it’s getting to cold for them outdoors. She took 6 off the street, spay/neuter at Snipped and found them homes but […]

Fabulous Friday

Friday is a gentle giant looking for an indoor home only. He can fill that empty space in your heart. He is full of love and tenderness and possibly a lap warmer. This guy would love to come home, adjust and hang out with you no matter what you might […]

Happy Day Boys

We have Chachi, Fonzie, Richie and Ralph who are in search of a feline loving indoor only home. They love to play, climb, jump, spin, pull, slide and cuddle. Chachi and Fonzie are brown tabbies and Richie and Ralph are red head tigers, one with four white paws. Adorable and […]


He’s about 9 weeks old and has been hand raised. All our felines unless specified in their write up are INDOOR only felines. This guy is playful, loves to interact with you and does enjoy a play mate, so why not adopt 2. He is in one of our many […]

Hannah’s Happy kittens 2

There were 4 now only two wait for their forever homes. You know orange tabbies are often boys. These two are boys for sure. They are looking for a loving indoor only home with lots to keep them busy. The two love to romp, jump, climb, sleep and eat. Open […]

Batty the Bombay

Batty is a gorgeous boy who would love an indoor only home to reside. He is in one of our foster homes and doing great. He needs to be your only cat as he will pick on other cats. He loves attention and would do well being the boss of […]

Leo the Lion

Leo is like the sun, he makes you smile because the sun is out. Leo is a pretty mellow guy. He just wants an indoor only home so he can get out of the kennel at the Cat House. Most go in kennels to protect them, they are not happy […]

Ruby Tuesday

She is a beautiful girl but she has birth defect of the back legs, which isn’t a big deal. You just need to accommodate her needs, such as a litter pan, it’s easier for them to use a Chuck aka washable pee pads. They need their food and water dish […]

Bandon Boy

He is a rescue. He had an abscess and needed neutered, so this kind lady took him to her veterinary to have him taken care of. He is indoors now with 5 dogs and not very happy, he hides under the bed. This kind fellow needs a home, an indoor […]

Theo boy

He’s only 2.4 lbs but a bundle of joy boy. This little guy needs to be an indoor only kitten. We like to know that all our hard work 24/7 is worth doing. To keep them safe, they must be indoor only unless supervised in better weather. Theo loves to […]


Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there. Who hasn’t sung this song by Barry Manilow? It’s a catchy tune and Lola is an eye catching beauty. She is kind of bossy but not bad. She raised […]


Sonny has a big personality and just wants to be your friend. He is a very loving boy who would love to share your life with you. We don’t really have any history other than caring for him daily. As volunteers we have a limited amount of time to get […]

Jim’s 6 tigers 2

Jenna is their mom but they are growing up fast and don’t need her anymore. The 6 tigers are in a foster home now, safe from harm. They are indoor only, a couple with bad eyes but they will see our veterinary in Bandon asap. All are super friendly, about […]


Jim is one of our foster homes who decided with us that is was better to keep Goldie and her 6 babies in his home instead of transferring them to our facility. The disease adult cats can carry can be transferred easily to kittens under 6 months of age. Even […]

Hannah’s Heartwarming girl

This little girl is so sweet. She is getting as much attention as she wants in her foster home but it is time for her to move on. She deserves an indoor only home of her own right now. We believe she is the runt of the litter but a […]

Lee’s lovely 3

Lee’s lovely 3 have a great home with a family that loves them very much but it’s time for them to find their own indoor only feline friendly home. Their mom has a new batch of kittens she is caring for and this 3 need homes. All very cuddly, loving […]

Jackie Oh

She isn’t mean just scared as often they are in a shelter situation. They arrive in a carrier, so someone touched them to get them inside the carrier. They have sensitive noses, they know exactly how many cats reside here, it is a lot right now. We need more adoptions […]


She had a home but her mom had to go into a nursing facility for more care. She wasn’t allowed the cat, so she landed in our laps. She is a great cat. She is wearing a blue collar as we have so many in house the same color DSH […]

Baby Little Bit

She just wants to be your everything. She is a little girl with a big spirit. Baby girl doesn’t like it in the corner of life, she wants to shine bright. Please opt to adopt from Kohl’s, we work hard to match you up with the right pet. The best […]


Her owner was given a kitten, she was close to 100 years old and kept tripping over the little gal. She was surrendered and resides at the Cat House right now as no available foster homes are ready for more. We find ourselves over whelmed like most humane society or […]

Joe w/o Jill

Norman our founder’s husband is always bringing kittens/cats home. Gloria just smiles at him. He does love animals. He feeds a one eye horse daily on his route to his fishing vessel. The lady that over sees the horse, gave Norman two kittens. They are Joe (tiger) and Jill (calico […]

Tonja’s Treasured 3

She showed up and wanted to help. We set her up with everything she needed to help 3 kittens begin a new life in a new foster home. Tonja is raising 3 kittens, who are about 8-10 weeks old. We are happy to have Tonja on board to help with […]

Brandon’s benevolent two

Brandon rescued these two off the street. He and his family have done a wonderful job keeping them healthy and safe. We love our foster homes, we provide everything they need plus mentoring to keep them safe at home until they can be adopted. Now it is time for them […]

Michelle’s Majestic two

These two had a great start in life with Dan but have since moved to Michelle’s as they needed more room to grow. A brother and sister are a little shy upon meeting them but they love to snuggle and hang out with the family. We always say “have a […]


This big black cat is a lover not a fighter. Bubba is a big love. He is amazing to us. He holds his own at the Cat House but isn’t mean. We love cuddling with this big guy, he loves attention. Bubba would be the best cat ever in your […]

Charlie Rooster

He came injured but saw our vet in Bandon on October 26, 2020. He is on the mend. He is up early thus the name “Rooster” and he loves attention. If you are looking for the best cats around, please stop by the cat house when our volunteers are here […]


Odd name but it stands out. He is shy, went to snipped so everything is up to date (UTD) He is a domestic short hair (DSH) and only 4 months old. He may come out of his shell with one on one and an indoor only home. Zeus can be […]

Libby Lane

She’s not happy here but friendly. There are a lot of cats in house and to most cats (who are territorial) it is upsetting to them to share a space. Cats stress and it shows up in their eyes, lungs and appearance. Libby Lane is looking for an indoor only […]


This guy couldn’t be more relaxed if he tried. It doesn’t seem like anything upsets him. He will make a great addition to your family, he is family. Don’t go another day without coming to meet him. He is overlooked because he just goes with the flow. Take Junior home […]

Maple and Pepo

These two little ones had a rough start in life. Their mother was covered in fleas which cause tape worms. If not treated, they can kill cats/kittens. These two survived but their mom and other siblings were not so lucky. We do what we can with our resources to help […]

Heather’s fosters

She’s one of our “crazy cat lady” fosters. Heather has been caring for a mom and her 4 kittens. They are ready to go provided you as the adopter follow through with our spay/neuter date. They are just at 2 lbs and we like them to be 2.5 lbs for […]

Walton 7

The Walton 7 were left on our door step (not sure if the night before or just before morning) but they were scared and cold. We have had them in two foster homes (keeping all 7 together) where they were bottle fed (not an easy feat) around the clock, you […]

Bob a loo

This is Bob a loo. He is a love. This guy will do anything for attention. He loves sleeping under your chin or on your lap. Bob a loo is a super friendly guy who is need of an indoor only home. He currently lives with other cats and that […]

Jimmy Carter

He is so relaxed you would think he has been here his whole life. This guy is so handsome too. He is short hair, light tiger with swirls. He has the biggest green eyes but in his photo shoot he squints. You must see this guy in person to really […]