He’s a swirl tiger kitten who loves to play, eat and sleep. This little guy is growing up here and he would rather be in a home of his own. They all deserve a home, with their own family to dote on them. The felines in our care usually come from outdoor living, not the best, heat or cold plus critters that snack on cats. It’s just safer to be indoors, which all our cats prefer. It’s cruel to leave them outside unless they have the proper accommodations such as a heated bed, water and food that is safe from outside critters. We have what you are looking for, come visit us today. We have volunteers in house 8-10 sometimes until noon, it depends on the chores. The volunteers return at 3 – 5 and do the evening chores which is a lot easier than the morning crew, so much to do. Please text Wendy 541=260-0156 or leave a msg.

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