This big black cat is a lover not a fighter. Bubba is a big love. He is amazing to us. He holds his own at the Cat House but isn’t mean. We love cuddling with this big guy, he loves attention. Bubba would be the best cat ever in your home given time to adjust. Please opt to adopt from Kohl’s, we have so many in house and in foster that need their forever homes today. We have volunteers at the Cat House at 8 a.m. and again at 3 p.m. to scoop, feed and talk to the cats in house. If you need another time slot, please call our coordinator for a time, someone will meet you there. 541-260-5303 Bubba will be waiting for your visit. Oh what a day, Eric who seems a little over the top and may drink a little beer before 10 a.m. adopted Bubba 11/09/2020 from the Cat House, Susie helped him. If she had red flags go up, stop the adoption but she helped him load up the cat into a carrier. Later I hear he stated “he has a big cat of 20 plus pounds, he has a shock collar on it” to keep it from hurting his other cats. WTF? He also calls Kim who called in August about finding a home for a big Maine Coone, organge/white that hangs around her house daily. Gloria gave her number to Ramona our coordinator who called and talked for hours or so it seems the gal likes to talk. Eric was given her number because she had what he was looking for. Why is Eric gathering big cats? No one questioned him. He keeps bothering Kim in Curry County which come to find out she lives in Myrtle Point. Now so many people upset with Ramona who was doing what Gloria would have done. Darci, Kim, Susie Q, Patti, Rick hmmm who else. Get a life people.

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