Bob or Bill or Ted

He was neutered and returned where he lived at the Charleston boat basin. He doesn’t really know his name so you can call him whatever you would like too. He was born at the boat basin, his mom still lives there, no one has been able to trap her. She gives us at least 3 litters a year, unwanted kittens. This guy is not friendly but not super scared either. You must come visit him and see what you think. At least donations to the Cat House help those who sit here year after year get fed, water, warmth, cool in summer months and a place indoors to stay. Please call our coordinator, as we do adopt out barn cats as long as they have shelter, food/water daily and a place to stay for at least 2 weeks while they adjust to their new home. 541-260-5303 she likes text or phone call, give her time to answer, leave a msg and she will get back to you asap. $60 donation to adopt or more if you just want to help our felines in need, thank you.

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