A friendly but scared male, mom went to a facility and can’t care for her cats any more. It takes time to adjust to all the cats in house, it can happen quickly or it can take months. We let them adjust at their own pace often keeping them safe in a room or in a kennel, then let them out when they are ready. Bo came in with Rosie or Rose Marie, she is a gentle soul and not so upset about change as Bo who is 11 years old. You can call our coordinator who works but is more than happy to answer questions or give you an appointment time if our other times don’t work for you. She can be reached by calling 541-260-5303 or text her too, she would love you to leave your name, number and the best time to reach you. We have volunteers in house at 8-10 and again 3-5, 7 days a week. Some volunteers work at a faster pace so they leave when done, please come closer to the start time rather than the close time or call our coordinator to ensure you get to see our felines in house.

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