A young boy of just one year, he shouldn’t be around other cats and here he is landed in the land of plenty. He is a DSH all gray neutered boy. He isn’t very friendly but not many in house are unless they meet the right energy. People have been adopting the “not so friendly or as I call them “not a lap cat”. If you would like to visit our facility, wear a mask, wash your hands often and look around. We have volunteers in house 2 x a day 7 days a week, 8-10 a.m. and again 3-5 p.m. but your best bet in looking around is at the start of the volunteers shift instead of the end. They get their chores done (scoop litter boxes and feed wet food) then they are gone. Please call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE, keep calling until someone answers, don’t just leave a msg as she might not get back to you. We are also on Petfinder and Adoptapet.

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