Sweet Pea, Sparky & Sissy

They were found at the beach by 2 volunteers at the Cat House. We have adopted 1 now only 3 (2/11/21) left to go, you must have a quiet house low traffic house and their energy reflects your energy, so be calm and quiet around them. The 4 were live trapped along with 2 adult cats. They need to learn to trust human again. They will need time to adjust to life inside, doing okay so far in a kennel. They just want to be kittens, play, eat and sleep. Kittens under 6 months do not have an immune system to protect them, even with vaccines it isn’t safe. Opt to adopt from Kohl’s, we are here at the Cat House 8 – 10 a.m. and again 3-5 p.m. Call GLORIA KOHL 541-294-3876 NO TEXT PLEASE, keep calling until she answers, a large volume of calls per day, your call might get lost.

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