Arago was dumped on Arago hwy and left to die there. He was picked up by a concerned citizen and brought to us. He had a silver dollar abscess on his belly, when it popped after hot packs applied his temperature went up and he lost his will to live. Thank goodness for the foster mom attention and round the clock care of him, he went 8 days touch and go, he was force fed organic chicken baby food mixed with kitten formula and A/D pate from our veterinary office by syringe by his foster mom every hour. He started to come back to life, he is still on the mend and has a vet appointment tomorrow. This little guy came in at 9 oz went down to 6 oz and is currently over 11 oz. Thank you Wendy for such great care and attention to detail. He won’t be available for adoption until the end of October if he gets up over 2 lbs and can be neutered.

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