She was injured some months ago and was never taken to a vet. She saw our vet once someone got her off the street. Her injury is old and has tried to mend itself. Our vet suggested pain meds and quiet time for a few days. She is a love and doesn’t mind attention. She uses her injured back leg but with caution. It doesn’t slow her down at all. This girl has endured a lot, injured, dumped or left behind when her family moved. I wish they could talk, it would keep us from guessing. She is ready to go home and make some lucky person very happy. She makes you love life and she is happy to be alive. She needs to be the only cat, as she isn’t happy with other cats. She is in a kennel to keep our other cats in house safe. She is a Diva. Please call or better yet text our President, she loves to hear from you especially adoptions. 541-260-0156

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