Monthly Archives: December 2021

Lemon Drop & B/W Cookie girls

These two were at the Cat House for a short stay but while there ran head on with a virus (Upper Respiratory Virus) which knocked them off their paws. Thanks to a kind volunteer, she took them home and worked day/night to bring back their immune system to fight off […]

Butterfinger & Snicker

These two were really lucky to find a home together, thank you adopters. A bonded pair of dark Siamese have landed in our care and they are not happy in a house full of felines. Please adopt them together. They know each other, makes their move a little easier. We […]

Kittens and more 3

So many kittens in house and more felines of every age. If you want one, please consider two. They can keep each other company and some came into our care together. They are bonded pairs, please don’t break them up. We have volunteers in house 8-10 sometimes longer just call […]