Monthly Archives: November 2021

Just Siamese please 2

She was adopted into a home in Gold Beach, wow! She is a great looking cat, not sure why he is in house. We want indoor only homes for our felines, most have lived outdoors and they say it isn’t fun especially during the cold months. This kitty needs a […]


He has been adopted, what a little busy guy. A funny name for a funny guy. This little guy is a sibling to Raisinette but in another foster home. He is 1 pound and 4 ounces right now. He loves his bottle and will eat dry kibble soaked in turkey […]


She has been adopted. She’s only a few weeks old but she is learning to eat on her own, uses her litter box and just wants to be cuddled when she feels like it. She has a voice, she may be small but she knows what she wants. This little […]


She’s in hiding, who can blame her being dumped on a rescue while her owner moves in State somewhere. She’s family, she should go with. She will stay in the kennel until she feels comfortable, if that ever happens in a house of over 80 felines. I’m sure they can […]


A domestic short hair aka DSH tiger boy cat, neutered and ready to go. He is still in a kennel (standard procedure for most coming into a house of cats) but would love an indoor home of his own. We don’t know that much about him, he came into our […]

Ginger aka Baby

This little gal is now in foster care, she will get all the attention she wants and a warm lap to enjoy as she pleases. She was close to being put to sleep but Kohl’s stepped in. She did nothing wrong, just a little old kitty. She wanders around looking […]


He has been ADOPTED! Romeo where art thou Romeo? Please stop by 8-10 sometimes a volunteer in house until noon then again in house volunteers in the afternoon 3-5. If you need another time slot, please call Gloria as she lives next door and available 541-294-3876 Thanks for looking and […]

Pecan, Walnut & Pistachio 3

All 3 boys have been adopted. These 3 boys are a blast, they will follow you like a puppy. They are super friendly and like all our felines INDOOR only. Please stop by 7 days a week between 8-10 most days but sometimes until noon, then again 3-5 in the […]

Emma and Ella

The girls have been adopted, yahoo! These two girls are looking for a home together. They are super sweet, friendly and indoor only. Please come visit between 8-10 somedays until noon then again 3-5 in the afternoon. Volunteers are in house at these hours 7 days a week. Please call […]

Tiger kitty

I don’t often get names while at the Cat House, other volunteers don’t remember. So I call this one Tiger kitty, looks older, not sure if a boy or girl. She is in the Jungle Room (front room of the house) if you want to come visit her/him. We have […]


ADOPTED…….Now there’s a pretty name for a kitten and what a beauty she is. She begs to go home, meow! Her sister went home and she isn’t alone but its not the same to her. If you are looking for a pretty kitty who was rescued Halloween night, left in […]


He has been adopted ! A dumb name but some like it. I wish people would pick a more modern name for kittens but that’s not going to happen. He is the last of 4 dumped by the founders own great granddaughters, they didn’t call, they left a note but […]

Lady Bug

She was live trapped in one of our community hot spots for dumping felines. She is coming around more each day, she is safe indoors and has other feline buddies to interact with. This little gal will need a secure home with low traffic, no young children or dogs to […]


He has been adopted. He’s been hand raised since he was born, found on the street with no one around. He has had to foster moms, so he is used to human touch. This guy will be the love of your life, super friendly. Did I mention all our felines […]

Serena and Venus

ADOPTED! Serena was adopted today 11-08-21 so only Venus is available to adopt. Two kittens someone placed in a bucket and the rain was coming down hard. They were rescued Halloween night by people who happened to hear their cries. We have volunteers in house 7 days a week, 8-10 […]


She has been adopted! Knife River brought this kitty in with an injured front leg, probably hit by a car. The kitty was fixed up by our vet in Bandon. A little shy but when injured they want nothing to do with human’s. Please come take a look, kitty cats […]


Buffy needs an indoor home today, he is the best cat ever and he will tell you so. He is now in a foster home with love from 3 female humans who are kind to him. He had company over the holidays and he didn’t like the guy, he stayed […]

Kaley Kittens

What’s better than a kitten bed full of kittens, not much. These kittens are in foster care, they came from a horrible situation but our volunteer stepped up as she always does to get them to safety. Some of our volunteers actually have wings, they are in the depths of […]