Monthly Archives: October 2021

Kitt Carson

This wonderful guy was adopted ! What a bundle of joy in a small kitten pkg. He is so social, happy and fun to be around. Who wouldn’t want this guy in their life, he would make anyone smile. Please visit him at the Cat House, its not safe for […]


She has been adopted, thank you Heather for such a great job of fostering. She was born July 20,2021 and is now ready for a home of her own. All our felines are indoor only, they have lived on the street and it wasn’t fun. Please contact Heather her foster […]


She has been adopted, thanks Heather for a great job of fostering and finding homes. She is a beauty waiting to grow up in your house. Our felines are all indoor only, no exceptions. They came off the street and don’t ever want to go back out there, it’s scary. […]


ADOPTED! A little Calico with big eyes, what’s not to love. She was born July 27,2021 and is ready to find her self a home. All our felines are indoor only, they have lived the life outside and it is cruel, Talk to their foster mom Heather to learn more […]

Zeke and Zonk

I’ve been busy with bottle babies and now a senior cat in my house, these two were adopted by the person that rescued them. These are rescues from Winchester Bay (Windy Bay) and are in our foster mom Heather care right now. Their brother was adopted to a couple in […]


She has been adopted, but keep looking as we have so many in house. She’s not so sure about all the cats in house, she is staying close to her open pen. Super sweet girl just looking for a home to call her own. Most our cats would do best […]


He is not really Grumpy, he is a love bug but hisses at you to protect himself. He is from Charleston boat basin where cats are dumped by uncaring people. If people cared about their pets, they would take care of them until the end of life. Grumpy will take […]

Rosemary or Pop tart

She’s one cool senior cat. Her mom had to let several go when she died and hadn’t set up for her cats. These older cats need a secure room, one with more than one litter box, perhaps Chucks aka as washable pee pads in place in case of an accident, […]

Dudely 2

He is now called Elliot and he went home to Medford where he can live out his life indoors. He is a happy camper. He was being picked on so he went into a sanctuary but he’s not happy. He would rather be inside with you. This guy is super […]

4 little ones

All four adopted, there was one orange guy without eye issues, but I believe he was adopted. No one tells the gal that does the web sites. They were dumped by the founders own great grand daughters, nice one girls. They all 4 are busy and in need of a […]

Hey Jude

That is his name don’t wear it out by singing the song. He is one laid back dude who would love an indoor home of his own. Almost all our rescued felines were living outdoors, this is not acceptable even for a feral. They do love the outdoors but must […]

Snowshoe kitten

Both have been adopted, thanks for looking. Two snowshoe kittens trapped and brought into the Cat House. It is not safe in the mist of adult cats (100 in house) One went into a forever home (adopted) and the other is in foster care. You can see this our felines […]


She has been adopted, went out to an indoor only home with a buddy. Thank you for adopting 2. She is waving hello. She is amongst so many here at the CH, not too many adoptions but that will change once people realize we have the best selection of indoor […]

Willow the pillow

This wonderful soul was adopted! She is as soft as the feather pillow. This older gal would love nothing more than a friendly face to greet her each day, a smile, a warm lap and feline friendly person to cater to her every whim. She loves to be with you, […]


RIP old man, we tried to help you but sometimes life has different plans for us. An older cat who just needs a warm place to live with a gentle lap that loves felines. He doesn’t ask for much, a few small meals a day (wet food) and a nice […]


He was adopted! He’s a swirl tiger kitten who loves to play, eat and sleep. This little guy is growing up here and he would rather be in a home of his own. They all deserve a home, with their own family to dote on them. The felines in our […]


She’s growing up at the Cat House and she would rather be in a home of her own. She is delightful, entertaining and just a blast to be around. She has a friend “Bunker” who helps pass the time in the infirmary. All our felines would love a place of […]


Tinker was adopted today 11-08-21 She’s not real happy with her accommodations but she is adjusting slowly. Her best bet of adjusting quickly is to be adopted. This girl is friendly, loving and entertaining. She would add life to your household. We ask that all our felines be indoor cats. […]


He was adopted today 11-08-21 into a loving indoor only home. An older guy with spunk. He would love a warm fire, a lap to sit on and a good book or movie. This guy is fantastic, he just enjoys your company. As with all our felines, they are indoor […]