Monthly Archives: July 2021

Dawn’s two kittens

She had five but down to two these days, both DSH black, believe one a boy and one a girl. They are super socialized as they spend their time with Dawn and her beautiful family. They are spay/neutered, flea and worm treated and ready to go into a loving indoor […]

Jack n Jill

These two have stuck it out no matter what life throws at them. They get along great and would love an indoor only home together. It’s not that much to ask, if you are gone a lot they will have each other. They are brother/sister and are very social. These […]


Oh Sonny boy, he is magical little guy. He isn’t bothered by anything. He is so relaxed and loves to play, interact with you while you entertain him and he enjoys entertaining you. A ping pong ball and he is off and playing until he loses it. This boy is […]

Ms. Marple

She’s a grand looking cat even with one eye. She doesn’t know she is different. This girl is a love. She will be your new best friend, indoor only friend. Come visit her today, she will be glad to pack her bags and go with you. If you want more […]


She was injured some months ago and was never taken to a vet. She saw our vet once someone got her off the street. Her injury is old and has tried to mend itself. Our vet suggested pain meds and quiet time for a few days. She is a love […]


It reminds me of a song, going to Jackson. He is a wonderful young neutered male cat. He loves attention and will even climb up into your lap for some attention. Jackson is a great guy with a big personality. This guy is not shy and will follow you everywhere. […]


Mr. Snuffleupagus is his name but we call him Snuffy for short and easier to spell. He is a handsome, sweet loving boy cat who is neutered. He isn’t so happy with so many in house but he adjust more each day, no escape but to be adopted. Most in […]