Monthly Archives: May 2021

Toby with extra toes 2

Toby has been adopted! He has siblings out there but being trapped or caught as we catch up on our web sites. He is adorable and that extra toe makes him even cuter. He eats, drinks and uses a litter box, just needs fed around the clock about every 4 […]


ADOPTED! Flossy has been adopted! She was literally entangled in floss and it wasn’t just over night, her skin had grown over it. She is in foster care right now, eats wet food just fine. She has an adoptive person, who should be picking her up any day now. She […]

Dawn’s delightful 3

All 3 have been adopted! They came out of a burn pile that was set on fire, when they heard crying from the pile, they rescued the 3 tiny kittens, eyes just starting to open. They have been in Dawn’s care for 3 weeks today, a lot of ups and […]

Charles of Charleston

He was neutered then returned where he lived at the boat basin in Charleston! Another feral or semi feral from the boat basin of Charleston. We have a mom cat out there 5-7 years now, port won’t let us in to trap so have to get tricky. All we want […]

Bob or Bill or Ted

He was neutered and returned where he lived at the Charleston boat basin. He doesn’t really know his name so you can call him whatever you would like too. He was born at the boat basin, his mom still lives there, no one has been able to trap her. She […]

Cally or Callie

Cally or Callie is really bonded with Gravy Train, these two are always playing or resting together. They would love a home together. What else would you call a Calico other than Cally/Callie? People aren’t creative anymore but she was living in a car with a dog and other cats. […]

Gravy train

Gravy Train and Cally or Callie are a bonded pair, they get along so well. It is amazing to watch them play or even nap next to each other. Not sure who names these poor things but deserve a better name. Off my soap box now, she was living in […]

Elliot n Jade

They have been adopted! These two didn’t have a very good start in life, both born and living in a car. They had a sibling who didn’t get to grow up, it died. If you don’t want more, get them in to a veterinary to get fixed (spay/neutered) It truly […]