Monthly Archives: February 2021


She is a rising star and would light up your world if only you would let her. Katie is a doll. If you would like to visit her, please stop by 8-10 or 3-5 daily, 7 days a week we have volunteers doing their thing at the Cat House. Some […]

Anny 4

She is a beautiful 6 month old kitten. She is tiger and white. This girl is ready to come home with you and begin life. You must come visit with her, as you can’t tell by reading or looking online. We are at the Cat House 7 days a week, […]

Tucker 2

This guy is one cool kitten. He has bonded with Anny, they would like a home together if possible, we all need a friend. Cats are no different, some like friends and others don’t, each one is an individual. We have volunteers in house 7 days a week at the […]


He is a neutered male, not sure of his age but he doesn’t look too old. He is a lover not a fighter. Please adopt locally, save a life or two. Our felines need forever indoor only homes, one where they can relax and know they will never find themselves […]


He is a DLH (Domestic Long Hair) kitten with the cutest face ever. He will dazzle you under his spell. All our felines are indoor only unless you have a covered catio to protect them from predators. Our adoption fee is the price of their spay/neuter and you can always […]