Monthly Archives: January 2021


He is one sweet boy who is more than ready to come home with you. This guy could brighten even the darkest winter day with his winning personality. You will be entertained and he will have a good life. Adopt from Kohl’s has been a tradition for many years now. […]

Wanda & Wilma

These two are a bit scared right now being w/o their mom and living on the street. With a little one on one, they will become friendlier. They will need a quiet home in order to adjust and a small room where they cannot hide. Wilma is being treated for […]

Angela’s kittens

She is new to our group but as always when someone calls with cats/kittens we try to keep them in their own home until they can be adopted. She has younger ones (4 months and under) and older (6 months) a variety of colors too. You can reach our coordinator […]

2 Walton Boys

These two are the most loving boys who were hand raised from 2 weeks old. They are boys so they can be a handful at times but who doesn’t love to watch kittens play. They need rehomed at this time, apparently the new owners are highly allergic but had hoped […]

Billy the kid

Bill the guy saw this cat roaming in his neighborhood, he went to the shelter and picked up a live trap. He caught “Billy the kid” Friday morning 1/8/2021 and brought him to the Cat House. A volunteer (me) was headed to the vet in Bandon, so I took Billy […]


He started out here at the Cat House 4 years ago. His family is moving in a year and need to downsize their life, so here comes Buddy, back to the Cat House. He is scared to death, he is hiding under his cat bed. He was here 2 days […]


He is one handsome boy who is so people friendly that he loves cuddling up with our volunteers. He is not quite a year old. All our felines are indoor only and we ask they remain that way just to keep them safe. We rescue most the cats in house […]