Monthly Archives: December 2020


She is the sweetest girl in house. Her owners let her have kittens then gave them away at only 5 weeks old and dumped her at our facility. Pets should enter your life after thinking and considering all your options about being a pet owner. Pets are family to us, […]

Jelly belly bean

She is a Siamese indoor only kitten at 6 months old. She is super friendly and would love a place to call home. She is currently in one of our foster homes. Jelly is sweet just like grandma’s homemade freezer jam. You must give cats you take home time to […]

Baby Gray’s

These two are almost ready to go home. They will need a small room in order to adjust to life in a new home. They will also find their litter box and food easily if in a small room. Let them adjust then as a little time goes by, let […]

B & H kittens

Our foster folks are at it once again, fostering kittens in need of rescue. They have 2 females and 1 male, all three tiger stripe. The male is considerably light but still a tiger stripe. The girls have a lot of orange color to them. They have been flea and […]

May day 2

She is beautiful and she isn’t afraid to show it. Let this girl shine in your life, she will brighten any dark day. May is a love. She just wants attention and great company. I believe her owner passed away and she was left behind. So open your warm home […]


Beau needs out of here asap, he is not friendly with other cats. He came in after the owner died. Beau is super friendly to human but not feline. He is anxious in a cage, pacing, crying and he needs a home. If you have a great place to bring […]

Sunny girl

She’s 4 years old and loved but her owner is moving and cannot have more than one cat and one dog so she is forced to give up her beloved cats. She has a year to find them loving indoor only homes. She will keep them in her home until […]


Mason is a big guy looking for an indoor only home where he can become your best buddy. He is happy inside given plenty to occupy his time. This guy will grow on you and he will bring lots of joy to your life. Cats have a way of picking […]

Delta Dawn

I guess someone was listening to the radio when they named her “Delta Dawn” by Tanya Tucker. She was dumped at Spinreel campground and tried desperately to get inside a tent as the temperatures dip down into the 30’s. She wasn’t left alone, her kittens were dumped too. We have […]

Dandy Andy

This guy came in with his mom “Delta Dawn” who were dumped at a campground this time of year. They desperately tried to get into someone’s tent, its cold out there even for a cat. This guy will need an indoor home only, cats like to be warm just like […]

Baby Naranja 2

Baby Naranja’s siblings all found homes. He sits in the quiet of the room, crying. His foster mom sits with him many times during the day but it’s not the same. He wants a home of his own, one where he can be with you constantly. Our adoption fee is […]

Milky Way

He is a kitten who had siblings but they did not make it living by a busy road. That’s a good reason to have indoor only pets. He is happy and ready to go to his new home. This guy loves to play, eat and sleep. Like most kittens, introduce […]


He is about a year old. The family decided after 1 whole year of having kittens, the children were allergic and besides they were moving. You cannot solve everyone’s problems but you can try. Two kittens raised indoors were suddenly tossed outdoors with Winter coming on cold this year. They […]


An older gentleman rescued near Marshfield High School area. His ear is crimped on the left side of his head. Are you missing your older cat? You might want to check in person at anyone in town who does rescue. This guy is friendly but unsure of where he is […]

Spinner girl

She’s just a tabby girl who likes to have fun. This little beauty wants to be in a home where she will get all the attention she needs. We are just a handful of volunteers, here twice daily to feed/scoop and clean. Please call our coordinator and adopt one or […]


A volunteer with our Snipped Clinic found these plus others abandoned when someone moved away. She takes time out of each day to feed/water and put straw out but it’s getting to cold for them outdoors. She took 6 off the street, spay/neuter at Snipped and found them homes but […]

Fabulous Friday

Friday is a gentle giant looking for an indoor home only. He can fill that empty space in your heart. He is full of love and tenderness and possibly a lap warmer. This guy would love to come home, adjust and hang out with you no matter what you might […]

Happy Day Boys

We have Chachi, Fonzie, Richie and Ralph who are in search of a feline loving indoor only home. They love to play, climb, jump, spin, pull, slide and cuddle. Chachi and Fonzie are brown tabbies and Richie and Ralph are red head tigers, one with four white paws. Adorable and […]