Monthly Archives: October 2018


Cosmo just came in a few days ago, we aren’t even sure if it’s a he or she at this point. We know that the other cats in the same room upset this cat. We move slowly with the new ones, we don’t like them to bite us. So come […]

Douglas jr.

Douglas is a card, he loves to entertain you from his silly antics. He is running around having a great time, then he climbs into our food bucket that usually has a lid on it, he starts eating from the bucket. The next time you see him, he’s on top […]


Emily is a sweet teenager. She is comfortable around everyone. She hasn’t been around dogs so that might be a problem but she is cat friendly. Emily loves attention, she loves to play and just enjoy the day with you. If you are looking for a super friendly girl who […]

Fruit Loop

She is vivacious, she doesn’t slow down either. This little girl is like an energizer bunny, she goes and goes and goes. She will need to be an only pet, as she doesn’t care for any other living thing in her home but you. She likes her freedom, she doesn’t […]


Abandonment is why this girl is here at the Cat House. The people fed her for 2 years but would not let her inside, they had little dogs inside but she wasn’t allowed no matter what the weather was doing. They moved on and left her on the front porch, […]

Grace & Karen

Grace and Karen are close and now in close quarters in a pen at the cat house. They are friendly but it’s hard to adjust when you are in a small pen, lots of cats running around and one in particular who hates other cats that shares the same room. […]

Another Smokey

Yes, another gray cat named Smokey, like we can’t come up with something more original right? Any way I think he was a stray that seems super healthy but a bad sore above his left eye. He will see a vet Monday October 8, 2018 unless it starts clearing up […]