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Arago was dumped on Arago hwy and left to die there. He was picked up by a concerned citizen and brought to us. He had a silver dollar abscess on his belly, when it popped after hot packs applied his temperature went up and he lost his will to live. […]

Mrs. Brady 6

Mrs. Carol Brady is in foster care with her 6 kittens, 3 boys and 3 girls. She has her paws full taking care of so many but she is devoted mother. They are super friendly, almost over 2 lbs so they will get spay/neutered soon unless they go to Portland […]


Jensen doesn’t know he is a kitten, he thinks he is a BIG cat. Someday he will grow into his attitude. He was left on a door step when his forever home was foreclosed on. His dad was hit by a car, his mom had use of only 3 legs […]


Pickle is in a real pickle or she was being dumped in our community. Cats are domesticated, they can’t survive w/o human interaction. If you don’t want more, don’t let them breed, get them to your veterinary and have them spay/neutered. That will solve a whole lot of issues here […]


He’s one cool cat, Sampson. He sleeps but when he hears you, he is up and ready for his meal, petting or just to hang out with you. He isn’t afraid of the other cats, some are just not nice so he stays in his own space. Sampson would make […]


Birdie is a girl that can do anything she wants. She isn’t so great with other animals especially other cats, she prefers to be by herself. She guards her room from other cats and makes a big loud noise when others try to enter her space. She is super cool. […]


Cooley is a young lady that is only about 8 months old. So many are being dumped in our state parks and other areas where people think they will survive on their own. Cooley just wants to be noticed and loved, don’t we all. Come visit her today, she will […]

Penny Lane 2

Penny Lane found her self homeless after her owner died. She was being cared for in her home until they had to clean it out, now she’s at the Cat House. She is not happy here. She needs a quiet home with no other pets. She just wants life back […]

Carol Brady

Carol Brady is all alone without Mike to help raise 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. She is doing a fantastic job. Mike ran off with Alice, so Carol hasn’t any help in raising her 6 kittens. The kittens are almost 2 lbs and will be ready for a […]


Hercules was just a wandering cat when found, now she is an adopted cat as of 9/22/18. Way to go Hercules, a loving forever home for her in Reedsport. She will make her people proud, a great girl with a tender spot for a quiet home.


Frannie came in with kittens, unwanted after giving birth. It happens often in this community, we can change that by getting our pets spay/neutered. You can call and get information on how to get them fixed for FREE. Let’s work on change, it starts with you. Frannie is a young […]


Reed is a handful but a genuine guy who will love rough play and lots of attention. He is very active so he will need to be stimulated with a laser light or other interactive play. This guy is super friendly and loves to follow you around. If you are […]

Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou is the other half of her sister Dolly, see Dolly for write up


Dolly and Emmy Lou were left behind when their owner died. They were indoor only cats now they find themselves living in the elements outside, food/water isn’t available most the time as they rely on a kind neighbor that is feline friendly. Please leave instructions for your pets no matter […]