Monthly Archives: June 2018

Kittens coming out of our ears

We have calls several times a day about kittens, kitten on Craigslist, Kittens without moms, kittens everywhere, kittens being dumped and found on the street/ditch. All our kittens under 6 months are usually in foster care, it is not safe to have them at the Cat House.  They do not […]


Squeek is an older girl of 13 but acts like she is only about 6 years old. She loves to play, chase and pounce around. She isn’t so sure of other cats but she likes people. Any attention at all and she is purring up a storm. She has been […]

Freddie girl

Freddie girl was hanging out at the flower shop part of Fred Meyers grocery store here in Coos Bay. She is a happy go lucky girl, no cares in the world. Freddie loves attention and she likes to show off. This pretty kitty wants a home of her own. She […]

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea doesn’t know what to think of life so far, she was pregnant at 6 months old, her two kittens died shortly after giving birth. She became a foster mom to 5 other kittens without a mom, she was so sweet, gentle and attentive to them but she became […]


She is only 8 months old and her life is just now getting better for her. She had a vet visit the other day, she has ear mites and a poor diet that are causing her such grief with her skin issues. She has open wounds on her head and […]


Cher is a wild child, she just wants to hang with her friends at the mall, listen to music and date her current boyfriend. Cher loves treats, she is weaving in and out of your legs begging for them at the end of the day. She isn’t super friendly but […]


Douglas was living life on the streets in Bandon, he only weighed 6 lbs. His blood work done at our veterinary in Bandon wasn’t good, the vet thought he had bone marrow cancer but we gave him a great diet and had it checked again. It was his diet of […]


Sylvester has been here a few weeks, he isn’t so sure about coming out of his kennel. There are a lot of free roaming cats here, some like to pick on the new guys. Sylvester has lived outdoors all winter, a concerned neighbor took care of him. He loves it […]


Wally is pretty laid back sort of guy. He does love attention and responds to touch. He hasn’t been here all that long to figure things out but he will unless adopted. Wally is a medium haired guy who loves being brushed daily. He will sit on your lap while […]


Nesbit is almost all white with orange dots, he is a solid dude and can take care of himself. This guy is a neutered male (all our cats are spay/neutered prior to adoption) who seems pretty mellow so far. If you are missing your cat or just looking to adopt, […]

Honey bits

Honey Bits was found as a stray and seems to be well adjusted here. She is in with our big guy Mufasa, of course she is the boss even if he does out weigh her at 17 lbs. She would love to have her hair brushed daily. This girl is […]


He is King of the Castle or anything else he wants to be King of, this guy is big, not fat, big at 17 lbs. His owner got a new puppy and it seemed they got along until this guy started going pee outside his litter box, a way he […]

Ricky I’m home

Ricky I’m home is a super loving guy. He just needs a family to call his own. He would prefer one on one but he isn’t picky because he’s Ricky. This guy is one handsome dude. We don’t know much about his history only that his owner died suddenly leaving […]


Wendy is a unique looking cat, almost like a sphinx cat breed, great big ears and sleek fur. She is super friendly too. She just wants to be where you are. Wendy has a winning personality and she would love to share a home with you. She is here with […]


Jesse certainly knows how to use his voice to get your attention. This guy won’t leave you alone, he wants attention and he will talk to you until he gets what he needs. He is super friendly but you must keep an eye on him as he moves very quickly. […]

Little Man

Little Man is a friendly guy but not so certain about life at the Cat House. He will let us pet his head but when he’s had enough, he growls. He is still hanging out in the safety of his kennel. He was neutered Tuesday May 28, 2018 and he […]