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Tyler likes being a feral, he doesn’t want to be tamed down.  A sighting of this handsome guy is rare but come see if you can spot him.  Tyler stays out of sight but sometimes when things are quiet, you can feel his eyes on you.  A patient person might […]

Twister Sister-Adopted

Twister Sister is one cutie pie of a cat.  She has that tiny tail that is short and twisted, thus her name.  She was abandoned but still loves people even though they left her on the street.   She will wrap around your neck or legs, sit on your lap, […]


Timmy came to us as a small kitten from the feral barrel @ CCAS.  He was so tiny w/o a mother, he could eat dry food on his own and canned.  We have never been able to touch him but he gets awful close to you sometimes.  He watches you […]


Sushi is quite shy when you first meet her but she warms up quickly to those she likes to spend time with. She spends her day looking for a spot in the sun to relax in her new swim suit. Sushi loves to play volleyball and ride her quad. A […]


Stonewall is not a lap cat but with patience and time, perhaps he could become one. Do you have the time to tame this handsome guy? Stonewall was brought to us after his owner couldn’t find work here on the coast.  Stonewall is unsure of the cat house and just […]


Silvia is a shy cat and keeps a close eye on your every move. She would probably do best in a quiet home w/o much going on, she scares easily.  She has the prettiest eyes and is a great cat just not that friendly.  She came in with five kittens […]


Sherlock is not a lap cat, he could possibly become one with the right person. All he needs is patience, time and shown lots of trust. Sherlock is undercover, well not really but he thinks he is.  He loves to spy on you from the top shelf.  He is a […]


Shannon is not a lap cat and I don’t think she ever wants to be one. They all deserve a chance but this one may be best as a barn cat or one you want near you in the house but not on your lap. Shannon is rarely seen, she […]


Schyler is not a lap cat, she gets close but then runs away. Sometimes it just takes patience, learning to trust humans again, time and lots of love. Schyler (pronounced Skylar) is a beauty but a bit hissy but who isn’t when rejected.  Schyler will need a patient home with […]


Scarlett is not a lap cat, some cats just don’t want to be near humans. Maybe they were mistreated or neglected and they need to learn to trust again. Do you have patience, a quiet home and lots of time to spend with those that need it? Scarlett is a […]


Sayo is a light tabby like his mom.  He was living on the streets trying to survive.  It is rough out there for cats/kittens.  He will need a patient home, one that will dote all their attention on him. He prefers a home w/o small children, no dogs and super […]


Sanya is not a lap cat, perhaps with the right person she could become a lap cat. Until that person comes along, she is safe here at the Cat House but she dreams of having her own place one day. Sanya is overwhelmed here @ the Cat House but she […]

Sailor Jack

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) : : Male (neutered) : : Adult : : Medium Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info) Species: Cat General Color: White (Mostly) Color: Bicolor Current Size: 8 Pounds Current Age: 2 Years 9 Months (best estimate) Declawed: No Housetrained: Yes Is Not Good with Dogs, […]


Sacha is not a lap cat, she has no intentions of ever being a lap cat unless the right patient person came along to adopt her and give her a chance. Sacha is a bright lovely tabby/white cat, it will take someone with a whole lot of patience to win […]


Roxy is one happy cat. She really likes painting, she is always looking for a model. If you would like your face on canvas then come let this girl paint you. She tries to help when we paint anything in the Cat House. She really does have an eye for […]


Roo is a happy girl but a little on the shy side with strangers.  She loves to roller blade and play hopscotch.  Roo really cares about the environment and is often involved in beach clean-up.  If you love a soft beauty like roo, come take a look.  We always ask […]

Romeo Adopted :)

Oh Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?  He is here at the Cat House in Englewood.  He wishes it were Hollywood, he would be the most handsome movie star ever.  Romeo is a real love but he can turn into Rambo in an instant.  This guy has it all, personality, […]


Pippin is the dearest cat ever, she came off the streets and into our sanctuary.  She was seen by a vet and had all her teeth removed, she is very happy to be indoors.  She loves attention from humans but doesn’t care for other felines.  If you want the one […]

Peeper “Peeps”

Peeper is not a lap cat, with patience in a quiet home perhaps she could become one. Peeper or peeps is an amusing cat.  She can hold her own in a  game of chess, cards or dice.  Peeps loves a chance to show off her skills, she loves to win. […]


Oscar is a wilde sort of guy, he looks like a 5 month old kitten but he is actually 5 years old.  We love Oscar Wilde and he loves the laser light.  He will wait for you and the light, he loves to follow it every where.  A quiet home, […]


Nelly is a cautious cat but one you can pet her and she doesn’t shy away. Do you have a quiet home, one you would share with a beautiful girl who needs to blossom where planted?  She has a good heart, a good mind and plenty of love to pass […]

Love Bug

Love Bug is looking for his love shack.  He just wants to be loved by you and only you.  Love bug would like nothing more than to curl up next to you no matter where you happen to be, the couch, the bed, the floor or in a chair.  He […]


Lincoln is not a lap cat but when it comes to treats he is first in line, so perhaps it would just take the right person, a quiet household to bring him out of his shell. Lincoln is a sportscaster of the Cat House.  He has lots of interesting cats […]


Laverne is a wild and crazy girl.  She loves sky diving, skinny dipping and demolition derby @ Coos Bay Speed Way.  Laverne will require a quiet home, no dogs, no children and no loud noises.  She prefers her space to be quiet so she can concentrate on her hobbies.  She […]


Kaz is not a lap cat, maybe he never wants to be one either. He is used to life as it is but with the right patient person, someone who loves to have a cat around but not on their lap. This guy would be perfect and with time, he […]


Russian Blue (short coat) : : Male (neutered) : : Adult : : Medium Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info) Species: Cat General Color: Gray Color: Solid Current Size: 6 Pounds Current Age: 7 Years 7 Months (best estimate) Declawed: No Housetrained: Yes Is Not Good with Dogs, Good with […]


Jordan is not a lap cat but with persistence a lot of laser light time, trust and love perhaps one day he would be sitting on your lap. Jordan is a youngster among a lot of cats.  He has lots to keep him busy here at the Cat House, jogging, […]


Jazz is a lot of things but certainly not a lap cat. With patience, love and lots of trust perhaps one day he could become a lap cat. Jazz loves to play the drums.  He can generate quite a crowd with his solo’s on the drums.  This young cat likes […]

Icabod “Lucky” Logger

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) : : Male (neutered) : : Adult : : Large Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info) Species: Cat General Color: Black and White Color: Bicolor Current Size: 9 Pounds Current Age: 5 Years 9 Months (best estimate) Declawed: No Housetrained: Yes Is Not Good with […]


Harriet celebrates every day with joy.   She is great, loving, purrfect, simple, happy and a good girl all around.  Harriet has had a busy life, she helped raise foster children, became a college student and is enjoying her retierment.  This girl has it all but a home to call […]


Fargo is one cool cat, a light orange tabby who has plenty of irresistible charm with extra toes.  He loves board games, card games and any kind of sports.  Fargo likes to stay entertained, life should be lived.  This guy is shy but with patience you could have him eating […]


DeeDee was given to someone for a mouser cat but she was so afraid of the big dog, she isn’t an outside cat.  DeeDee stays snuggled up to the heater most the time.  She is very quiet.  This girl just wants a quiet home where she can be loved.


What about Bob?  No this is Bob not What about Bob although both are black and white in color.  He is so quiet you hardly know he is here.  Bob loves the outdoors, he is the Clint Eastwood of all our cats.  He has a soft side, musical side and […]


Biscotti is a gorgeous calico. Her passion in life is baking and trying new recipes. She also loves to ride horses, camping and dancing. Biscotti has so much to offer any human if only they would give her the time of day.  She just needs that right person who can […]

Berton 2

Berton is not a lap cat, with patience, a quiet household and trust, he could become a lap cat. Berton is a handsome guy with lots of charisma.  He loves fast cars, beautiful women and great food.   He is our Paul Newman of cats w/o the blue eyes.  Berton […]

Basement Betsy

Basement Betsy loves baseball, hows that for a girl.  Her favorite movie is “A league of their own” with her favorite actor Tom Hanks.  Betsy loves to show off with her knowledge of baseball trivia.  This girl is sure to bring a smile to your face and heart.  She is […]


Bagel is a little shy but warms up quickly with new people.  She loves hanging out on the towers and watching the other cats play.  Bagel loves a quiet home where she can practice her violin.   She prefers a home where she can get all of your attention.   […]


Avalon is a beauty but a bit feral.  She doesn’t want to be tamed down but would love someone to love her the way she is.  This pretty gal would like to be an indoor cat only, freedom to be hersef @ all times.  She may tame down with patience […]


Apache is one orange cat who knows exactly what he wants out of life.  He is having the best time on his skate board.  This guy knows how to roll with the good times. He is kind of shy but would come out of his shell for the right person […]


Abner is a gentle guy, sort of our George Clooney.  He makes us laugh out loud several times a day.  He likes to hang with his buddies and play cards out in the Tiki Lounge.  He enjoys life to the fullest, soaking up the sunshine every chance he gets.  If […]


Abby has a winning personality and lots of charm.  She loves water colors and paints portraits all the time.  This girl likes garden parties where she can entertain all her girlhood friends. A good country dance with live music makes her happy inside. She loves to play violin and watch […]