Welcome to the new Kohl’s Cat House website

We are a handful of volunteers who care about the felines in our community.  There is not one paid staff here but a lot of enthusiastic people who come daily to care for the felines in our facility.  We do this for the love of the animals nothing more nothing less.  This is a job that requires 24/7 care sometimes, we get cats from every walk of life, most are down and out but with TLC we can change their life.  There are some we cannot save but give them a warm environment, good food and the opportunity to see our veterinary.  This work is life changing to those who do it year after year.  We save a lot of feline lives, most are adopted out or moved to a facility with high adoption rates such as CAT of Sherwood or OHS of Portland.  We are not funded by anyone, no grants coming in but the kindness of people who want to give.  We have a PayPal account for easy payments to be made.  So please thank a volunteer today for their continued support of felines in our community, w/o them our work would be much harder.  Thank You.