“Tumble” as we call her came to us a few years ago. She is an extraordinary cat, she does what she wants when she wants too. She has a mind of her own, though her balance isn’t what it should be for a cat, she gets where she wants to go, perhaps a little slower than most but she gets there. Tumblelina was born with CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) which means that the mother cat contracted Distemper while pregnant, the virus goes straight to the cerebellum of the kittens and stops its growth. Most kittens do not survive but on occasion they do, thus Tumblelina. There are different severities of CH but they are still loving cats that deserve a home. You must be patient, never let the cat outdoors and carpet helps them get around. Do not worry about silly things such as furniture, they can climb the best of any couch or chair. They truly are amazing. If you don’t mind a loving cat with a little quirks, come visit Tumblelina.  Call our coordinator for information or a time to visit this girl, she is in a foster home currently.  541-260-5303

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